Jordi Alcaraz
Llibres de rellotgeria

50 pages
Printed in may 2018

Alessandro Rosada
Oreste Zevola
Pulcis in fundo
(to our dogs)
68 pages
Printed in may 2018

Francesco Stefanini
La forma del vuoto

72 pages
Printed in february 2018

Master Drawings
From Picasso to Miró
From Grosz to Henry Moore

80 Pages
Printed in october 2017

Zoran Music
Cavallini della memoria

68 pages
Printed in june 2017

Banafsheh Rahmani
Works on paper

64 pages
Printed in february 2017

Julio Vaquero

64 pages
Printed in mnovember 2016

abstractions in dialogue >
from the Collections of the Revoltella Museum and from private collections
96 pages
Printed in June 2016

Arturo Nathan
Masterpieces from a Private Collection

72 pages
Printed in Decembre 2015

2014 - 1964 = 50
Book published on the occasion of 50 years
the Torbandena Gallery

200 pages
Printed in April 2015

Cveto Marsic
Pintura absoluta - one man show

Catalog for the personal exhibition IVAM Valencia
27 March - 1 June 2014
146 pages. Printed in March 2014

Esteban Lisa
Selected works 1935 - 1963

94 pages
Printed in March 2011

Jordi Alcaraz
145 pages
Printed in August 2010

In collaboration with: Galleria Torbandena, Trieste / Galeria Nieves Fernandez, Madrid / Galerie Stefan Roepke, Cologne / Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles

Ralf Peters
Until Today
212 pages
Printed in January 2010
Ed. Bernhard Knaus Fine Art - Frankfurt
In collaboration with: Galleria Torbandena, Trieste / Base Gallery, Tokio Diana Lowenstein, Miami / Zonca & Zonca, Milano / Nusser & Baumgart, Munich

Marilena Pasquali
About a painting by Giorgio Morandi

67 pages
Printed in March 2010

Toni Meneguzzo
The Holy-Cows-Project

16 colour illustrations
32 pages
Printed in June 2008

Hubert Scheibl
From monday to monday

106 colour illustrations
221 pages
Printed in June 2008

Manuela Sedmach
Temporary destination

28 colour illustrations
64 pages
Printed in November 2007

Hubert Scheibl
Where else

64 pages 
Printed in May 2007

Simon Edmondson
Recent works

64 pages
Printed in November 2006

il ghiaccio del mare
Poems by Alessandro Rosada
Works by Arturo Nathan

80 pages
Issued during the exhibition at Galleria Torbandena
Printed in 2006

Zoran Music
Selected works

65 pages
47 colour illustrations
Printed in May 2005

Cveto Marsic
Acqua Madre

Introduction by Marilena Pasquali
128 color pages
Printed in 2005
Ed. Matthes & Seitz

Cveto Marsic
Flor de sal

Edited by Obra Cultural Cajastur
Texts by Andrej Medved and Javier Baron
180 pages
66 colour and black/white images
Ed. Obra Cultural Cajastur

Gao Xingjian
Ink on paper 1983 - 1993
48 pages
In collaboration with Bonawentura / Miela Theater
Introduction by Marilena Pasquali
18 black and white illustrations
printed in 2003

Thomas Müller
Trails of light - works on paper

Introduction by Marilena Pasquali
23 colour illustrations
44 pages
Printed in 2001

Carlos Lizariturry
The seduction of the space

Introduction by Manuel Padorno
44 pages
Printed in 2001

Cveto Marsic
La huella del barro

Introduction by Carlos Dìaz-Bertrana
72 pages
Printed in 2000

Simon Edmondson
Out of place

Introduction by Pilar Gomez
40 pages
Printed in 1999

avanguardie per una collezione

32 pages
Printed in 1998

Miela Reina
Works 1960-1962 

scuderie del parco di Miramare

Zoran Music
Sonja Stangelj Collection

Cveto Marsic

Gonzalo González
José Luis Pérez Navarro
Oceans and deserts

Wolfgang Wiedner

George Grosz
Works from 1912 to 1954

Edo Murtic
Recent works

Sergio Pausig

una giornata di superman
Poems by Alessandro Rosada
Watercolors by Oreste Zevola

Miela Reina
Works 1956-1961

Josef Kern
Un soggiorno a Trieste

recent works

Sergio Pausig
Paysages nordiques
Paysages de Panama

Claudio Guerra 
recent works

per altre vie, per altri porti...
La nuova pittura nel Friuli Venezia Giulia 

Galleria Torbandena
Teatro Auditorium
Palazzo Costanzi

Zivko Marusic 
recent works

Austria Ferix
La nuova pittura austriaca

Galleria Torbandena
Teatro Auditorium
Palazzo Costanzi

Marcello Mascherini
Rassegna antologica

chiostro di Santa Caterina, Treviso